company's policy

Company's policy

To be better than our competitors when it comes to satisfying the needs of our Clients.

Our strategic goals include:

  • Always providing top-quality services
  • Focusing on our Clients
  • We want to establish a long-lasting partnership with our Clients through building trust
  • Comprehensive services in accordance with the Client's expectations
  • Timely provision of services, competitive prices, optimized costs. Constant development of the company.
  • Professional team of employees
  • Consciously involving all our Employees in actions consistent with the implemented Quality Management System and Internal Control System
  • Improving through defect prevention instead of defect removal
  • Complying with legal requirements
  • Our company works globally and our market is consistently growing
  • We promote creativity, personal responsibility and team work of our employees
  • We constantly improve all our technological processes
  • We offer the perfect quality and constantly improve our products
  • We constantly expand our business
  • We use our incomes for investments and global development of the company. Taking into consideration the common good of the company GŁOWACKI I S-KA S.C. and its clients, we're implementing a quality management system consistent with the international norm PN-EN ISO 9001:2009.

As a business partner, we're hungry for success, we comply with the agreements and expect our suppliers to do the same. Our company is constantly improving the quality of its services, while trying to maintain a high position among the national companies and aiming at becoming a member of the group of European companies.