Our company deals with the production of fasteners for the following industries:

  • mechanical
  • electrotechnical
  • automotive
  • home appliances

Scope of activities

The manufactured goods are made with the use of a modern technology, on the basis of our long experience in using mechanical machine tools (i.e. by machining, turning, cutting, forming process and hand processing).
- production and regeneration of the instrumentation for production tasks of the company
- development and implementation into production of new patterns and fasteners
- fast production of short series and amounts of ordered fasteners and untypical products (that are unavailable for commercial sale), according to the documentation

Strategy of actions

The company concentrates on:

  • modern quality of the produced items
  • providing the Clients with top-quality goods
  • meeting expectations and gaining trust of the Clients
  • analysis of requests for proposal and identification of the needs of the Clients
  • involving all our employees in the quality problems

These missions represents the key actions to be taken by the employees and the management of our company.